Social responsibility

At we decided the best way to give back to our island community in appreciation for all it has given us is to use our organisational skills and our energy to promote non-profit sporting and charity events.

We created the Naxos Kids Bike Race and the Naxos Kids Duathlon which are now popular events and which promote physical fitness and healthy competition. We have also established the Family Biking Days that bring people together to promote biking as an alternate and environmentally friendly means of transport and also an activity that the whole family can enjoy together.

In order to promote Naxos as a 4 seasons destination holds the annual Naxos Mountain Bike Race in Sangri. Participants from all over Greece tackle the technically challenging course and discover the wild beauty of Naxos.

We have also assisted in the organisation of the Naxathlon, a non-profit, mini-triathlon held annually in August that brings athletes from all over Greece.

The Picasso Adult Duathlon is a run-bike-run race we organise in the spring on beautiful Plaka beach.

Under the context of health issues and community awareness has organised the Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness to show support for women with breast cancer and to spread knowledge of the disease and the importance of early detection.

For up to date information about our current events please visit our facebook page

Photos by

Michele Witteveen