A Parisian Affair
A Greek Orthodox Wilderness Wedding
Julien & Hermione
France, 2015

Kind words

Debbie and Flora took great care when preparing our wedding, making the D day a wonderful experience. It was a pretty complex wedding with 3 different venues and multiple vendors involved all over Naxos island. All went very smoothly on the D day. Despite the fact that we were very demanding during preparation, they managed to take into account our wishes. They came up with good ideas all over the wedding (preparation and d day) that clearly enrich this day. They form a good team with strong and complementary skills to plan and execute a wedding. Thanks to Debbie and Flora.

Hermione and Julien

The couple

A bride in love with her families Greek heritage and a groom intent on combining French Wedding customs with the traditions of Greece and both busy with their jobs in Paris – we rose to the challenge of finding unique Naxos locations for their Celebration. Their dreams came true when we found them the perfect Ceremony venue to display the stunning, wild beauty of  Naxos.


In a church nestled amongst an ancient olive grove with a  natural spring bubbling nearby. The guests followed the old rock walls down the winding stone path to reach Agios Isidoros and the stunning view of the lush, untamed landscape. 


White paper balls hanging from the trees – blue flowers amongst the olive branches - that was the perfect décor to fit in with their nature theme. At the dinner guests sat at tables named after Greek islands and enjoyed lamb, sausage and other local flavours.

Sourcing & planning

Lots of pre planning meant that the Greek Orthodox Ceremony was understood and enjoyed by all in a remote wilderness setting during the heat of July - umbrellas, refreshments, service programs and lots of ice all on hand!

Fun & memories

Roof top dancing, a 3 metre French Croquembouche cake for dessert and skits with guests in full costume this Wedding will go down in Naxos Wedding history!

Photos by

Bernard Pretorious