A Hindu Wedding
Kapil & Sonal
England, 2016

Kind words

We wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for finding the most perfect wedding ceremony location and helping us to organize the first hindu wedding ceremony in Naxos! Our family and friends loved every moment and we will never forget so many "pinch me" moments such as plate smashing at Banana, walking down the aisle with the beautiful sea as the backdrop and partying at the Villa. Thank you for everything - we managed to get there in the end!

We know it was a challenge so thank you both for taking it on and loving it as much as we did!

Sonal and Kapil


The couple

Childhood friends - high school sweethearts and still so in love. They wanted a WOW location for their much dreamed of perfect Wedding and we found it for them!


The private point of Stelida overlooking Prokopios Beach and the big blue sea.


A four post arch covered in flowing chiffon and peonies framed the family - dressed chairs lined the hill overlooking the sea - a refreshment table and lots of special touches were added by the sisters.

Sourcing & planning

A huge search went into finding this jaw dropping WOW location. We had the road repaired to fit two big buses as it was the first time the area had been used for such an event.  We sourced a jazz band from Athens and a tame horse for the groom, power for the live band and a DJ played music on the rocks to the wide open spaces of the remote point of Stelida.

Fun & memories

All of Naxos was talking about this colorful Indian Wedding. We personally loved the homemade chai made for us by the grooms' mother. For the guests the fun started with the live jazz band that escorted the groom and his horse into the ceremony. The fun continued with a drum solo by the groom - games and Dhol drumming. The grooms band The Mystery Jets played a song specially dedicated to the couple and DJ Ravi played during the 2 hour Ceremony. After dinner and dancing the night ended in spectacular fashion with a sunrise swim.