A Civil Ceremony in the Wilderness
Saint Isidoros, Damarionas
Kieran & Melissa
Ireland, South Africa, 2016

Kind words

Debbie and Flora from Island Events are extraordinary, warm and creative human beings who made sure our wedding day surpassed our wishes. They didn't just present a catalogue of cookie-cutter options, but instead got to know us, listened to our ideas and helped us create a unique and personal experience. Getting married abroad can be daunting when you consider the dozens of vendors and service providers you have to deal with, but happily Debbie and Flora managed all of this for us. Their connections on the island of Naxos are extensive, and as they both have English as their first language, it made the whole experience of getting things done, so much easier. Everything from registry papers and catering to styling and transport!


Selecting the location for the ceremony was particularly memorable. Debbie and Flora combed the island searching for the perfect secluded spot to match our wishes. Then, when we visited in May, they drove us to each location in turn and didn't rush us as we made the difficult decision. The spot we finally chose was by a natural spring and in the shade of an ancient olive tree. A magical setting that we could never have found by ourselves.


Another notable element was the ease and simplicity of working with them from abroad. They used the latest technology: Skype for face-to-face meetings, WhatsApp for rapid communication, Pinterest for building ideas, and google docs for tracking finances and other items. It sounds mundane, but it allowed everyone to keep on the same page and reduce misunderstanding and stress - very important!


If you're searching for a Greek island wedding, we can thoroughly recommend Debbie and Flora's services. We cannot convey just how happy and grateful we were for their care and service. They made us feel completely at ease with everything and brought out the beauty in every detail.

The couple

A couple with a sensational mix of  artistic talents and  love of Greek philosophy and mythology - a beautiful bond celebrated with friends and family in a wilderness setting.


They chose a space that spoke to both of their spiritual natures. A rustic olive grove with a natural spring and the oldest olive tree in Naxos. 


A circle had special meaning for them so we created a seating circle of hay bales in the olive grove where their guests sit and watch the Ceremony. The bride had herbs and succulents to accent her magnificent bouquet with a Proteas to add a South African touch to the day. After the ceremony the Londoners enjoyed champagne and appetizers in a rustic setting amongst the trees, ancient rock walls  and a flowing stream.

Sourcing & planning

In this wilderness location it was all about transportation - the donkey that the bride rode was helpful in moving all the equipment down the steep path. Paper light balls were strung from the trees to blow in the wind - umbrellas came from China and a big rustic table all made their way to the site.

Fun & memories

An escaping goat is one memory we will always have from this amazing Wedding in an olive grove. 2 goats were present at the ceremony - very well behaved and wearing a bow - they quietly grazed during the ceremony - this was a request by the groom who loves goats. The bride rode in on a donkey  - and chose the most spectacular bouquet - burgundy and pinks and greens to perfectly match the setting. 

Photos by

Photos by Stella G Photography